Welcome to the University of Arizona One Health Consortium!

The University of Arizona is striving to become a world leader in One Health.   Our University is devoted to multidisciplinary research and education. The members of our One Health community are already leaders in their individual disciplines that are actively collaborating to form a strong, successful One Health program. The member disciplines include Public Health, Animal Health (including  recent addition of the Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Program), Agriculture, Microbiology, Environmental Biology and Conservation, Medicine, Arid Lands, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Economics and others.  In additon, we have strong partners in state and local government who are dedicated to tackling these complex problems.  As a land grant university, we have a long history of extension and working collaboratively with the community and industries that would be impacted by these disease threats and public health challenges. The UA One Health consortium goals are to address these challenges in new and innovative ways, while at the same time, retaining the quality of the research that is paramount to the University’s mission. 


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